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Thoroughness comparison of the high-end model of Hakuju Healthtron - J9000MV and Z9000W -

The self-confidence work of the Hakuju which is proud of ultimate efficiency height!! It is thorough compares J9000MV and Z9000W.
Both both two type the chair of electromotive tilt adoption, can realize the healing and the effect of superlative with the thermal vibrating functional equipped ottoman and material feeling of prejudice.

Healthtron multiple electrode system

Feature and comment

Both both types whatever saying, without complaint it is the superlative type. Without complaint in regard to the effect and the healing it is the type. Electrification system multiple and difference with three electrodes. But it is both electromotive reclining adoption, it seems that reclining of Z9000W is easy to the body with the upper class, in regard to atmosphere exceeds.
Z9000 fabric cloth, J9000 as for the combination skin is the taste is divided.

The J series which is the flagship machine of Healthtron

The indirect electrification system by the multiple electrode, high quality such as tilt and thermal vibrating functional equipped ottoman with material feeling you can have enough the healing and the effect of the first-class.

* As for photograph 3 step types
* As for photograph deluxe type

In addition to present three electrode systems, arranging the electrode of low voltage in the back section and the side section. It became difficult, to receive the influence of the place where it installs from it reached the point where it can do the electric field formation which is stabilized. Because of this there are no times when the electric field where many of the place where it is installed with your home are influenced by condition of the vicinity and the like of the wall and the window, are formed is impaired, with the interchange high pressure electric field of 9000V, show the effect efficiently to every nook and cranny of the body.

The furniture manufacturer FORA FORM corporation which represents Norway also the designer being the worldwide furniture designer with the work, the soft fabric and electromotive tilt function of the Italian make synthetic leather just are first-class atmosphere

Healthtron J9000MV remote control- Remote control of the large-sized liquid crystal and the audio guide adoption which it is easy to use
From start end of course, can do all operations, at remote control one of labor assistants. Adopting the brightly easy to see large-sized liquid crystal to the screen. Furthermore, method of using to understand is guided adopted the “audio guide” easily. In addition you consider in use inside electric field of Healthtron, build in the ceramic speaker of individual development to remote control.

- With home four wheel caster equipment which it is easier to use
The caster which moves to all directivity, four wheels was equipped on front and back. Movement at the room and when etc cleaning, it is the attention design which thought of the use with your home. In addition, you consider on the safe aspect, the front 2 wheels have acquired stopper.

- The feeling good quality 3 step ottoman which can be chosen
Adjusting to somatotype, you prepared 3 step ottomans which can choose height. Because you can adjust in three stages of the upper tier sublevel lower position, you can utilize with family everyone.

- Comfortable atmosphere support foot & hip vibrating function
Vibrating function, in addition to vibrating function, you acquire also heater function to the ottoman in the hip in winter can relax in from feeling good bodily sensation. With the automatic timer system which stops in 5 minutes, as for operation because it can be made from remote control, very it is simple.

Healthtron Z9000W

The Healthtron Z9000 which requested the composure which is made “best” feeling good quality comfortably keeps being succeeded to the next type J9000 series.  

Relaxing electromotive reclining system of advancement is adopted in order feeling well for you to remedy.
It does not mean that just the back rest collapses, it adjusts to the movement of the body which reclining is done, moves also the armrest and the seat section to the most optimum position. You lighten the burden to the elbow and the waist and the knee, wrap the whole body always, easily you are possible to turn on electricity in natural attitude.
Furthermore the back rest at the time of reclining and the inclination of foot rest and be able to set to the angle where you can obtain the feeling best attitude, the operation button to arrange in the armrest of labor assistant, in order to be able to operate easily even at the time of reclining, be considered, you can have enough the feeling good quality of superlative.

Super tilt
Control panel

The comfort with the designer of Norway which with the chair design which beauty fuses shines in numerous prize takes charge of the design. Adjusting to the somatotype of the Japanese, in order the maximum one time to be able to pass, it became the original forum which evolved from design of present Healthtron. It is the expectation where also the cushion and touch etc of fabric cloth are considered finely, the armrest which the skin touches finish with the natural lumber which has the warmth , beauty with comfortable atmosphere, as an interior match to any room.

Adjusting to reclining, always it can set angle of foot rest to comfortable position freely. If it pushes down inside, if it pushes down outside, as the usual ground stand which places the foot, while turning on electricity as an ottoman it can utilize. Furthermore while with the heater attaching, warming cool foot such as cold day, it is possible also to turn on electricity.

Technical Specifications
Healthtron J9000MV specification
Medical equipment approval number 218AKBZX00008000
Rated voltage AC100V
Rated electric power consumption 10W (maximum 73W)
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Effective voltage It is low) 4500V high) 9000V
Timer time 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes
Size (height x width x depth) <DX type>
When uprighting: 1430 x 650 x 1620mm
At the time of tilt: 1250 x 650 x 2070mm
Size (height x width x depth) <3 step types>
When uprighting: 1430 x 650 x 1500mm
At the time of tilt: 1250 x 650 x 1950mm
Weight <DX type> 90kg (the ottoman it includes)
Weight <3 step types> 80kg (the ottoman it includes)
Country of manufacture Made in Japan
Ottoman rating
Rated voltage AC 100V
Rated electric power consumption 25W (maximum 27W)
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Surface temperature Approximately 45°C (at the time of room temperature 20°C)
Timer time 60 minutes
Vibrating functional timer time Both hip & foot 5 minutes
Healthtron Z9000W specification (at the time of head electrode footrest installation)
Medical equipment approval number 21200BZZ00027
Rated voltage AC100V
Rated electric power consumption 9W
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Effective voltage It is low) 4500V high) 9000V
Timer time 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes
Size tilt time
(Height x width x depth)
1450 x 670 x 1380mm
1120 x 670 x 1860mm
Weight 64kg (the insulated plate it includes)
Country of manufacture Made in Japan
Heater section specification (at the time of foot rest installation)
Rated voltage AC 100V (from chair itself supply)
Electric power consumption 20W
Timer time Longest 60 minutes
Surface temperature Approximately 45°C (at the time of room temperature 20°C)

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