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As for Healthtron, in the electric potential remedy vessel history is oldest, diffusion rate, both reliability is proud of industry one.
From midst of various Healthtron, in order to be able to designate exactly the type choosing as you, it tried comparing from various angles.
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“Healthtron” is the electric potential remedy vessel which for the first time the Ministry of Health and Welfare (the present public welfare Ministry of Labor) is approved in Japan as the medical equipment.
Gentle solution of four conditions, “headache” “stiff shoulders” the “chronic constipation” “the insomnia” is recognized. Since selling, home and the medical institution, we have been utilized widely with the welfare institution and bonesetting institute etc, the patent not only Japan, is recognized in worldwide over ten countries, 900,000 unit is shipped with sum total.

Voltage is applied between the electrodes, artificial electric field is generated

The natural electric field which exists on the earth. That has helped the cultivating of various lives. The large natural benefit which Healthtron starts making, wraps heart and the body healthily. Now life 80 year it is said, many people, have entered the times when the longevity which so far is not enjoyed. The fact that it is done again to stare in that situation, simultaneously with “longevity”, both the mind and body is importance of the thing which is life healthy. It enjoys favorite hobby and sport and/or goes out to travelling…. It becomes independent forever without you feel old man and/or being troubled to the sickness and the wound, becoming lively it sends the everyday life which is complete. The life where is long future, being directly healthy, in order to glorify more richly. “Now” empty Healthtron, keeps supporting your heart and the body, securely.

“Healthtron” is the interchange high pressure electric field hygienic device which uses the electricity of the alternating current system which is used with also the electrification product for general home. During commodity line-up when “Healthtron” of chair type is, it starts making high pressure electric field by the fact that it turns on electricity between the electrode and the electrode of the foot which are installed in the head. Not to be directly to let flow electricity to the body, like the air because it is the system where electric field wraps the body easily, feeling at rest the electric peculiar numbness impression without, you can use.

Type of Healthtron for home
Indirect energizing type Healthtron Healthtron Healthtron Healthtron Healthtron Healthtron Healthtron
J9000MV Z9000W W7000W W9000W Y9000W U7000W T7000W F7000W
Direct energizing type Healthtron Healthtron Healthtron Healthtron Healthtron    
S6000 K9000 H5000 H7000 H9000    
Lie on type Healthtron Healthtron
P3500 N4000

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